Friday, April 1, 2011


I am sure even if you don't know me well you know just by looking at me that I have a negative relationship with food. Lately I have been feeling more self-conscious about my weight than ever before and have taken little steps to address my over-eating problem. I joined a weight loss forum with other emotional eaters and I made my best friend promise to go to an over-eaters anonymous meeting as soon as I switch back to my normal work schedule. However, today I want to tell all of you about my small bout of willpower.

I was meeting with my daughters father to drop her off for a visit for the weekend at a Super America gas station. I saw a sign at the burger king across the street that said "Buy one chicken sandwich, get one free" and the wheels in my head started spinning. I went into the SA to use the cash machine and I bought myself a diet soda (which is also good because I usually end up buying snacks) and the whole time I was trying to justify going to the burger king and buying the chicken sandwiches.

I thought to myself that I had been good all day, all I had to eat that day was a slim fast shake for breakfast and a bowl of banana nut cheerios for lunch. I knew I wouldn't have eaten both sandwiches (I'd bring one home to my husband) and I begin to promise myself I wouldn't get any fries or anything.

I got back to my car looked at the burger king again and I said to myself "You know what, I'm not going to do it." And I didn't, I went home and ate some ramen instead. I know ramen isn't great either but I am sure it has a lot less fat and calories than that chicken sandwich would have had.


  1. Good for you! You know, I have the same problem at times. Lately, I have been eating an apple for breakfast upon waking, and then I don't feel hungry again for hours. If my boys didn't demand food all day long, I wonder how long I would go between meals? But they do demand food, such as lunch and dinner, and I graze... Then night hits, and suddenly I want to eat everything in my house! I pace my kitchen, and desperately wish I had something crunchy such as chips to munch on. I know that eating at night, especially junk food, is so bad for me, but I can't help it. I pace, and reexamine the content of all my cupboards in case I missed something, and heavily debate making a midnight run to the store.
    Then I tell myself no, and force myself to pay more attention to my computer, and less on my cupboard. It sucks...

  2. I wanna tell you I'm proud of you. not just cuz of the sandwich thing but because you're still blogging.